Thursday, 21 June 2012

Impact of Relationship Marketing in Business/Blog Growth

A blogger or web site owner uses different techniques to attract new readers, retain the existing customers and build a network. However Relationship Marketing is one of the best and effective way through which a blogger or website owner can increase blog/website popularity, increase readers, and establish a unique 

Relationship Marketing involves the following:

1. Keep in Touch

Don’t leave your readers, always respond to their comments and make him realize that you care about him/her. I personally don’t like those website / blogs who don’t respond to my comment or message.

2. Show Expertise

Relationship Marketing will only work, if have the skills to show your expertise and make people realize about the importance of your product or service. If you are blogger then share unique and quality information so to make loyalty. Learn more about blogging at the blogging tips blog!

3. Show Your Appreciation

Always appreciate your readers or customers so that they can feel that you are reviewing every one and give importance to your readers/customers. In return these readers/customers will always come to your blog/website.

4. Serve Them

Serve them in a very decent and cool way so that he can recommend your service to everyone. That is what relationship marketing is all about, that you must provide outstanding service to your customers or readers.

5. After Sale Service

Your job is not only to sale your product or service on your customers. You should also make sure to provide quality after sale service to your customers or readers so that he/she can come back to your website or blog.

Hope these tips will help you in making your Relationship Marketing effective to improve your business growth.



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