Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to Post and Comment as Your Page in Google+

Recently you have learnt How to Create a Google+ Page for your business, brand, product, organization or whatever entity you wish to represent. I hope it would help your brand, business or organization to engage with interested Google+ users and customers to convey your
up-to-date information of your business, brand or organization. It will also enables you to find interested people in your niche and it is an opportunity to expand your fan base for your business too. But after creating a Google+ page, did you try posting or commenting on your Google+ page as itself? Or did you ever wanted to comment on another Google+ profile as your page?

Google+ introduced business page feature to represent your brand, business or organization. So you can use your Google+ business page to inform whatever goes officially or unofficially with your business or organization to your followers and customers. Also sometimes you may wanna comment as your page to respond to your followers or to engage with an discussion too. However if you directly visit to Google+, it will use your personal Google+ profile initially. But to post or comment on your page or elsewhere as itself, first you need to switch to your business page. If you couldn't figure out how to post or comment as your page, now you can find out how to.


1. Sign in and navigate to Google+ Home page.

2. Find your profile picture and name at the top of left sidebar. Click on the drop down icon beneath your name.

3. Select your page name to switch to your page and now on you will be able to post and comment as your page until you switch back.

Note: If you wanna switch back to your profile again, use drop down icon beneath your profile picture and name at the top left of sidebar.

Enjoy :-)


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