Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Change Number of Posts Shown on Your Blogger Feed

As a Blogger user, you might have already using a Feed Management Service such as FeedBurner, which optimize your raw feed for readers to subscribe easily and to gain more traffic to your content. If you haven't redirected your feed to FeedBurner, As and when you publish a new post on your blog, Blogger automatically updates your feed and syndicate to your Feed Management Service. But by default Blogger is feeding only recent 25 blog posts. What if you wanna change the number of posts being showed on your feed?

Yeah, it is. There's a limit of posts being displayed on your feed. You can notice that by default Blogger feed shows only recent 25 posts on your blog. But what if you wanna show more or less posts? Actually you can't show 100s of posts on your redirected feed because most services don't accept feeds larger than 512 Kilobytes. Because of that reason, sometimes Feed management Services doesn't accept your feed if its size larger than 512 Kilobytes. Then you have to reduce number of posts shown on your feed. But sometimes you may wanna shift 25 posts limit to show more posts. Then, you can make use of alterations to your original feed address when you syndicate blog feed to external feed management service. Let's get to know more about it.

Usually if you process your feed with a Feed Management Service such as FeedBurner, most probably you may have provided one of below feed addresses to syndicate 25 recent content.

[Your Blog Address]/feeds/posts/default?redirect=false


[Your Blog Address]/atom.xml?redirect=false


[Your Blog Address]/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss&redirect=false


[Your Blog Address]/atom.xml?alt=rss&redirect=false

As you seeking a way to display more posts or less posts in your feed, you just need to modify your original feed address specified at your Feed Management Service by appending redirect & max-results parameters to the end of the feed URL with the value of maximum number of posts to be displayed.


[Your Blog Address]/feeds/posts/default?redirect=false&max-results=40


[Your Blog Address]/atom.xml?redirect=false&max-results=40


[Your Blog Address]/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss&redirect=false&max-results=40


[Your Blog Address]/atom.xml?alt=rss&redirect=false&max-results=40

Color Indication Information

- Your Blog URL

- The Maximum Number of Posts to Display

Here this refers to maximum number of posts to be appeared on your feed. Specify maximum number of posts you need to be shown on your redirected feed. But keep in mind, some services may not accept feeds larger than 512 Kilobytes and you may have to lower the value at such a scenario.


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