Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to Integrate Your Google+ Profile with Blogger

Nowadays Google+ is another brand new social media platform evolve on the Web. Recently Google+ introduced Google+ Brand Pages exclusively for users who wanna promote their businesses, brands and organizations. As a Blogger user, it was really cool feature to embrace
your fans and followers gathered around you and to keep them alerted with your updates. The search engine giant Google use this Google+ platform to interconnect users and to offer single identity whenever you use Google products including Google search. As a result of this phenomena, now you can associate your Google+ profile in your Blogger blog. Would you like to use Google+ profile in your blog?

In addition to sleek UI, dynamic views and other features, Blogger now looking forward to make use of Google+ social platform to connect each other users. As Google started to revamp Blogger, now they started to integrate Google+ social experience in Blogger. You can use your public Google+ profile for your Bloggerblogs to maintain single identity and it will link your posts and comments to your Google+ profile. Once you associated your Google+ profile, it will replace your Blogger profile and start to use your Google+ profile name and image whenever you post or comment. In addition, you will be able to share your posts to Google+ from your post list and link to your profile in search results. However Google made this switch completely optional and if you don't mind using your Google+ profile name, it would be perfectly match for you.

Before You Go:

* Make sure you have a Google+ profile. If you have no Google+ profile yet, sign in to Google+ with your Google account.

* This switch replace your Blogger profile completely and doesn't transfer your Blogger profile information to Google+ profile. So if you need them, you better take a note of your information.

* Your Google+ profile should have set to Public. If you are not sure about that, you can check that as follows.
i. Sign in and navigate to your Google+ profile.

ii. Now scroll down and check for Profile discovery option at the About tab.

iii. If it set to Profile visible in search, then your profile already set to public. Else click Edit Profile button and change that setting.


1. Navigate to Blogger Switch Profile page.

2. Read the instructions on the page and check the option I've read the above and fully understand...

3. Click Switch Now button.

4. Now you will ask to enter your Google account password again to reconfirm your identity. Enter your password and click Sign in button.


* After switching, Blogger will display your Google+ profile name and profile picture whenever you comment on Blogger blogs. But it won't affect for comments you made previously.
* You can revert back to your Blogger profile within 30 days from the profile switch.

5. You will prompt to add your contributing blogs to your Google+ profile. Select your preferred blogs to be added and click Add button. Else you can Skip this.
Enjoy :-)


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