Friday, 22 June 2012

Add an Apple Icon for Your Website

Do you consider about optimizing your blog or website for mobile users? Optimization of your website or blog for mobile devices now becoming more and more important due to heavy usage of mobile devices. It's not a hidden factor that now more and more users use
smartphone and prefer browsing web using their mobile devices. You can't ignore them. So you must take it to your account about optimizing your site for mobile devices. If you are aware of optimizing, adding Apple icon could led your site for a great branding opportunity among Apple iPhone and iPad users. I don't think you might wanna miss this simple tip rather than inspiring mobile users.

We've discussed about adding favorites icon via Add Favorites Icon to Your Website. Favorites icon add more color to your blog or website and let you show off identical icon for your site. But when it comes to Apple devices, you need to specify an Apple icon for the same purpose. Adding Apple icon is also much similar process and easier step that you have to deal with. If an user with Apple iPhone or iPad added your blog or website as a shortcut or quick link, then your specified Apple icon will be visible as the icon of the quick link. Otherwise the device may take a snapshot of your site and save as the icon. So adding Apple icon would enable and make eligible your site for a branding opportunity among iPhone and iPad users.


1. First you need to design an image to use it as an Apple icon. Your image should follow dimensions of 57 x 57 pixels which consist of Width - 57 pixels and Height - 57 pixels.

Note: You can use an online tool such as Pic Resize or an image editing software for the purpose of re-sizing image.

2. Now upload your image to your own website or free photo hosting site like Picasa and get the URL for uploaded image or icon.

3. Now all you have to do is placing below line of code in your header section. Search for </head> tag and add below line of code just before </head>, after including image URL.

<link href='[Image URL]' rel='apple-touch-icon'/>


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