Thursday, 21 June 2012

6 Over Looked Ways To Improve Your Blog/Website In two Hours

Whenever I am surfing online I always have my SEO hat on. I am always surprised to see that allot of websites I go on haven’t even got a simple thing like keywords on their site or even a site description. What webmasters do not know is that with just a few tweak their site would start to rank much
better than what it is at the moment.

One of the main things that every website must aim for is it’s “Google friendliness” why? Well that is because Google is the biggest search engine on the web, so if you want to see some nice organic search engine traffic it is best to set up a website that Google likes.

There are a few ways you can improve your blog and start to get some really good results within days. Some of these tips may be obvious to some but to other these tips will be unheard of and very helpful. Well let’s get down to it.

A Variety Of Backlinks

The more backlinks you have the better your website will rank in the search engines. But also the amount of different backlinks you have linking to your site the better. You can go here and get some good backlinks for a measly $5

Having A Sitemap

Adding a site map to your website or blog is very important because when the search engine spiders, known as (Indexers) come to you site, they will be able to navigate around it more easily.

Submitting Your Site To Web Directories

This is where you submit your website to various web directories to tell them that you site exists. When your site is accepted to the directory you will receive a backlink from them and this will increase the authority of you site. Go here to and get you site submitted to over 300 web directories again only for $5

Relevant Keywords And descriptions

Have you included keywords and description in your site? If not then Google and other search engines will rank your website poorly. Use traffic Travis to get a full SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Report

Google Analytics

You must have Google analytics set up on your website because without it you will not know if your website is successful or not. Google analytics will give you a huge amount of information regarding to your website from how many visitors you get to what’s your most popular page and a whole lot more.

Internal Linking

This means that with every article or piece or content you create on your website make sure you link your new page with other pages within your site. This will increase the strength of your website. If you have a wordpress website you can use a free plug-in called SEO Smart Links which will do this for you automatically.

If you follow these simple tips your website will improve over 300% and you will start to see some good traffic


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