Thursday, 21 June 2012

5 Tips To Achieve A Perfectly Designed Website

The planning process for a website is absolutely crucial. It is the stage that lays the foundation of your entire website, and decides how it will perform once it is developed. Design is one of the most important elements in website planning. If your design is perfect, your website
is bound to achieve phenomenal success. Let us take a look some tips to design perfect websites.

Build a Basic Design Wireframe

Gather your thoughts together and create a basic design wireframe of your website. You can either use Photoshop or simply pen and paper to make a rough design. Sketch out page elements like banners, menus, icons, color or layout which you intend to put in your site, with utmost perfection before you digitally implement them in your website.

In the end you will have a basic template and you can base your other web pages on the same. However, you can use various page styles for different variety of pages like –home, about us, contact, career etc.

Get Inspired

You can draw inspiration from a lot of places. It may be from a place you travel to, from the shops, streets or anywhere. But in my opinion, the best way (and quickest) is to browse through as many design galleries as you can, and check out the kind of work other designers have done.

The purpose of doing this is that even if you are all blocked out, you might just get a brainwave by going through the design galleries. Of course, you must avoid copying their work entirely and use your talent and creativity to craft innovative websites based on your inspiration.

Test Your Interface

Pay attention to the user-experience on your website and invest your time in making the browsing process perfect for the end-users. You must complete the process before you finalize your design, and start coding it. The more user-friendly the site is, the more profit it will generate.

Therefore, you must test your website interface really well, till you arrive at a design that will appeal most to the target users. For instance you might have to make the site a wee-bit more interactive and less flashy. Just see the entire site from users’ perspective, and you will never go wrong.

Compare Alternate Designs

If you have time in your hand, do create a few alternate designs for your site. It may look like a sheer waste of time, but trust me, it is not. First of all, it will give you a backup design to rely upon. In case things don’t turn out to be what you expect, you will always have backup ready to use. Secondly, you can compare multiple designs and blend the best of each in a final design.

The number of alternate designs can vary, depending upon the site and the time in your hand.

Make It Easy On the Eyes

All said and done, you must make your website easy on the eyes by judiciously placing the page elements like images, banners, contact information, buttons etc. Also, text-to-image ratio and whitespace are two most crucial aspects that are required to design a clean website that is visually appealing to the visitors.

It may be difficult but not impossible to design a perfect website if you can manage to follow the tips given above.


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