Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Embed a YouTube Video or Playlist on Your Site

You may write posts with bunch of details and publish images on your blog or website to engage visitors and maximize impact of your content. However as you create content on your blog or website, you may wanna make use of relevant videos match with your content to
increase engagement for your content. Videos are more live, convincing and appealing. Sometimes you may find videos that could help readers to present more ideas or information in addition to your presented content. Let's forget about all the reasons and simply assume you wanna display a video on your blog or website. It's not a secret that mostly you find online videos through YouTube, which is a popular video sharing website. But even if you find a interesting video on YouTube, do you know how to add or embed YouTube video on your blog or website?

Videos Increase Engagement?

As I said earlier, you can serve better with videos for your visitors. You can write bunch of texts and yeah, readers will love to read your post. But an eye catching image or video can do more. Even if someone lazy enough to read posts, he may prefer watching a video. Think about this. Would you prefer to read a novel or watch same story as a movie? It depends, but more people would love to watch movies. 'Cause it's live. It could be more informative as it visualize content and visualization can easily grab attention of people. So they like to watch videos or view images instead of reading bunch of text. Image is worth than 1000 words. Then a video consist of millions of still images? I'll let you think about it.

Not Only Videos, But Also Playlists

Mmm... You may try a download manager to download specific video while playing on YouTube and re-upload again. It takes time. Yeah, but it will work. no? You don't need to. You heard me? You don't need to download and upload YouTube videos again if you wanna use YouTube videos on your site. YouTube offers embedding code for every video on YouTube and adding a videos on external blogs and websites is made easy. You can embed YouTube videos so easily in few steps. Not only individual videos, but also you can embed a playlist which contains many number of videos of your choice. Let's have a look and find out how to embed YouTube videos or playlists on your blog or website.


1. You just need to grab embed code for the YouTube video or playlist first. Follow steps below and grab embed code either for a YouTube video or a playlist.
Grab Embed Code for a YouTube Video

i. Navigate to YouTube and get to the video you wanna display on your blog or website.

ii. Click on Share button below the specific video at YouTube.

iii. Then click on Embed button below.

iv. Now you can see embed code of particular video below after clicking Embed button.

v. Below the embed code you can customize some basic options including height and width. After customizing preferred options, copy the embed code for the video.

Grab Embed Code for a YouTube Playlist

YouTube let you create playlist with your preferable videos. In addition you can add it on your site too. So whenever you update your playlist, it will update embed playlist on your site as well.
i. First of all, make sure you have a playlist on YouTube. If you do not have a playlist, create one as below. Else you can skip this step.

Create a YouTube Playlist

a. Log in to YouTube.

b. Now go to My Videos & Playlists page.

c. Click on + New button right next to Playlists on left sidebar.

d. Give it a Title, Description and Tags as you prefer.

e. Now as you watch YouTube videos you can add videos to your playlist using + Add to button or using + button displayed whenever you hover recommended or suggested videos.

ii. Now go to My Videos & Playlists page.

iii. Click on your playlist you wanna embed.

iv. Now click on Share button below the Playlist title.

v. Select Embed Code displayed and copy it.

2. You've got the embed code for YouTube video or playlist. Now place it on your blog or website where you wanna render video.


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