Thursday, 21 June 2012

How To Earn Money Using Discount Coupons

We have a bleak economy in the world at the moment. Yet, even if that was not so, extra money is always welcome in any household. Of the several ways that one can adopt to get in some extra cash, discount coupons is one way that should not be neglected at all. In fact, earning money with discount coupons can be really easy, once you get the hang
of the whole process.

Collect discount coupons-start today:

You can get discount coupons from the newspaper, your cereal box, food boxes, sometimes in the mail and also on the Internet. Clip these coupons and collect them. You can take print outs of such discount coupons from the Internet. The idea is the coupons offer 5%-20% discounts on these chosen food items. You can literally use the coupons as money when buying these particular items.

Sell your coupon collection if not using personally:

Many times you might have additional coupons or you might not need that particular food item. In that case, rather than throwing away the relevant coupon, you should sell it to make money. Now, there are a variety of ways that you can go about it. Sometimes you might just sell it to 

neighbors or acquaintances. In case, you do not have a demand for coupons in those circles, you can always get on eBay to sell the coupons. Only, in this case you must make sure to stamp on the shipping date correctly, so that the coupons reach the address before their expiry date.

Provide correct information in your advertisement:

It does not matter whether you are selling your coupons on eBay or letting your friends know about them word-to- mouth. In both cases, make sure to detail all the information about the coupons and be accurate. You need to mention the expiration dates of the coupons, the rate of discount that they offer and also the items that they are for.

Important internet policy:

Many Internet sites do not allow for people to declare selling of coupons. As such it will be a better idea if you rather mentioned that you were selling the coupon clipping service. This statement will make sure that your target customers understand your intent. Also, this way you do not violate any laws that might put you in legal obligations with the websites or selling portals.


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