Thursday, 21 June 2012

Making Your Google Analytics Data More Accurate

One of the many things a webmaster or blogger wants to know is “how many visits do i get?”. Well Google offers a free Analytics program which records whatever you want it to. Google Analytics is 98% accurate when probably configured and installed on a blog or

Most webmasters don’t install or configure analytics to their sites needs. There are many variables you have to keep in mind to get the most accurate results possible. Here is a few things you should keep in mind when adding analytics to your site to keep results as accurate as possible:

1. Were is Analytics code located?
The code should and must always be placed at the very end of your sites page before the </body>. If it isn’t it will not record properly.

2. Editing the code.
Do NOT edit the code if Google gave it to you. Always make sure the code is maintained and not changed. The only time you should edit the code is if you are a Analytics expert working with the API.

3. API Tracking.
If you are a expert using the Analytics API make sure you place the cookies and other files for analyics under the . This makes it easier for Analytics to work with Google, plus no one would visit that domain anyway so no false impressions.

4. Content
Make sure you optimise your content. This is for SEO reasons and Tracking reasons. If a user is using a internet at the speed of a mobile phone GSM connection, it won’t track properly.

5. Use the Check-List
Google has given a check list to help you get the most of analytics and get the most accurate results. Go to or click here to see the check list

6. If you have no idea
If you have no idea what you are doing hire a expert of partner of Analytics. If the tracking code is damaged and you add it to your blog or site. It could harm your files and cause a lot of damage. BEWARE!

If you have any tips let me know in the comments and i will be able to help you out as much as possible.


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