Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Use HTML5 over Flash using Google Swiffy

Have you been using flash animations on your website/blog? It might be advertisements, site headers, widgets or whatever. But why people would more prefer on flash animations over text, images and other media types? Basically it adds more color and interactivity to your site while fulfilling intended purpose. The constraint is it needs flash plugin on internet browsers to render those flash based content. But how would you render them on a device which has no flash capabilities?

Google has introduced a new tool for webmasters and flash authors to display flash content using more browser-friendly HTML5 format. So further your content can be rendered on devices which has no flash capabilities such as iPhones, iPads etc. and modern internet browsers are not essential to have flash player plugin to render those animations. So this will add more traffic to your site through other devices too. The size of HTML5 output will be not more than 10% increase in most cases compared to a flash file.

You can see HTML5 in action with Google Swiffy at Google Swiffy Gallery. Swiffy currently supports SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0 with many common SWF features.


1. Sign in to your Google account.

2. Navigate to Google Swiffy.

3. Browse your flash animation file (.swf) and click Upload and convert button to convert it into HTML5.

4. It will generate the HTML file with the link. Just right click and Save link as... by using HTML only or Page source save option to save the HTML.

5. Include the HTML file on your website/blog using an <iframe> tag.

i.e: <iframe src="" width="100" height="100"></iframe>

Enjoy :-)


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