Thursday, 21 June 2012

5 Tips For Successful Blogging

Every blogger wants to be successful in his blogging career. Everyone dreams to be the next best blogger. Everyone wants to earn the most (A high amount) via blogging. Well to become successful, to be the best and to earn a good amount via blogging one has to follow some
steps. Well these are not very hard steps, but very essential ones. Without following those it’s difficult for a blogger to be the best.

1.) Readers First, Money Second

Well this is the most important step one needs to follow. Most of the bloggers pay attention to money and neglect their readers. Its common sense, without readers how can one earn money? It’s IMPOSSIBLE! So readers first and then money. To get readers and retain them you need to write good content and value them by replying to their comments, awarding them backlinks and holding some contest for them to participate and win.

2.) Concentrate Seriously On SEO

Well you plant an Apple tree and without watering it or giving it necessary fertilizers can you expect any apples from it? It is not possible for an Apple tree to give apples without water and food. So can you expect popularizing of your posts without working for it? One can expect, but the expectations won’t fulfill. So concentrate on SEO. Always use proper titles for your posts, give the posts the proper descriptions and use proper keywords. This way your search traffic will increase and you will be on way to being a successful blogger.

3.) Socialize Your Site

Submit your best of best posts to various social bookmarking sites. Why only the best posts, why not all of my posts? Well if the same user submits many articles (links) of the same site there is a chance to get banned from that social bookmarking service and the charge will be spamming. To avoid this, try submitting only the best posts of yours. Also you can submit all of your posts, but randomize them with posts from other sites in between. This way you can be safe!

4.) Collect Your Blog Statistics And Analyze It

Collecting statistics of your blog is as necessary as writing a post and publishing it. When you won’t know how many users read your posts, visit your blog and what they like, etc. how will you improve? So collect stats, analyze it and become successful.

5.) Answer Your Readers / Commenter’s

When you publish a post in your blog there is always a bright chance that you will get comments on the post and many readers will ask you questions. So don’t leave the comments unanswered and thinking that other readers will answer them. Don’t have such an attitude. Always respond to the comments yourself.

Well you are now on the way to become a successful blogger! Enjoy successful blogging…


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