Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to Make Money Blogging

Although the Internet has been around for quite a while, blogging just appeared online a few years ago. A blog is basically like an online diary where you can write new things everyday, unlike a static website. Originally a blog was a way to share you personal thoughts and provide updates about whatever it is in your life you felt like giving updates about. But soon blogs became more of a way to write posts/articles on all types of subjects. Some of the most popular
blogs on the Net makes millions of dollars per year, but if you want to learn how to make money blogging online, you’re going to have to start off slowly. Making money blogging is probably one of the worst ways to make money online since it takes a lot of time and patience. If you want to make a full time living from blogging, then you might never achieve your goal unless you have a passion for a very popular thing (like technology). But I’m sorry to say you won’t be earning cash online if you’re just going to blog something like the smell of bees.

The first step is to choose what your blog is going to be about. You should choose something you’re already passionate about so the whole process will be a lot easier. Once you’ve chosen what you blog is going to be about, you will need to get yourself some webhosting and a domain name. Make sure the domain name is the same name as the website and that is it short and easy to remember. For instance, if you’re going to start a website about Nokia phones, you might call it NokiaZone or some cheesy name like that.
Once you’ve set up your blog on WordPress (one-click with Fantastico), you just opened up a whole new can of worms. You’ve now entered the world of promotion, linkbuilding, and SEO. Yes, that all may sound scary but like I said, blogging isn’t exactly one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You need to produce high quality content so that you will get readers and might even decide to write a few guest posts on other websites. If you don’t feel comfortable with buying your own hosting or domain (come on, they’re just a few bucks, it’ll be worth it), then you can sign up at Blogger or WordPress.com. Though you cannot place any AdSense ads on WordPress, so I’d recommend choosing Blogger if you end up taking the free route.
There are lots of websites that offer you free internet marketing tools which you can use to promote your blog, and you should take advantage of them. This post is simply an introduction and is only teaching you the basics of how to make money blogging. There’s no official manual you can read to be set. People will share a few things, but not everything, which is why it’s up to you to search the Net for pages and websites that will give you tips on how to earn money online with your blog.


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