Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to Make Money Online With SEO

There are lots of different ways to make money online quickly, and one of those ways is making money online with Google and other search engines using SEO. When you want to learn how to make a fudge cake, what do you usually do? You go to Google and search for “fudge cake recipes”. Chances are the website you land on will have advertisements that generate revenue for the website owner whenever you view the ads or click on them. These first ten
sites that show up in Google whenever you search for something don’t just come up by chance. The owners of these website have optimized their websites for search engines so that they can be ranked on the first page. SEO (search engine optimization) is a vast topic that simply can’t be explained fully in a short post like this. Basically what it is is making your website suitable for search engines so that they rank it first.

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Most of the time your main goal will be to rank well in Google if you want to make money online with SEO. Ranking in MSN (Bing) is probably the easiest of the top three search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), and Yahoo! is really a mystery to many people, but Google isn’t that hard to understand really. You’ve got to treat search engines like little kids if you want to make money fast on the Internet. You give them what they want and they’ll pay back the favor. Ranking #1 in all the search engines of course should be your primary goal no matter how hard it may seem. Though if you’re just beginning to earn online cash you should probably just focus on Google. Visitors from MSN are not Internet savvy so they usually will click on advertisements more than visitors that come from Google (this was proven by a famous case study done a few years ago).
So, how exactly will search engines make you money? It’s simple really. You build a site that targets specific categories and topics and then you get that site ranked first and make money off of the visitors you get through ads. The best type of traffic (the one that will click on ads I mean) is the one that comes from a search engine searching specifically for something. The more specific the search term is, the more probable the person will click on your ads or buy your product. For example, if someone searching for the word “money” ends up on your site that teaches people how to make money online with HubPages, he won’t really be interested and will most likely leave. Now if someone were searching for “ways to make money online fast with Craigslist” and ended up on your site that teaches people how to do just that, he will definitely be interested and might even purchase your guide/report.
There’s no exact science to coming up first in Google or any other search engine. One thing that does remain certain though is that the site with the most links (quality links) will win. That’s all there is it to it. SEO isn’t something you have to learn from someone, it’s just something you do and experiment with till you find out what works and what doesn’t yourself. I could write an entire eBook on making money with MSN/Yahoo/Google and there would be tons of things left to say.
To sum this post up, here’s what you need to do if you’d like to earn money online with search engines:
1. Start a website in a non-competitive niche (use keyword tools to help you find them)
2. Post high quality content and and info related to your topic
3. Optimize your site for the search engines (the best SEO blogs can be found be searching on Google)
4. Build links to your website to get it ranked #1
5. Put ads on your blog/site to make money


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