Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Kindle up the web with WordPress. This is powerful core software for your blogs to be showcased over the internet. No wonder 79% of blogs are utilizing WordPress. You can choose between that of the downloadable version which can be installed quite easily and that of the online hosted version. With WordPress owning a large slice of the internet pie; there really are multitudes of opportunities to earn profit with WordPress; and lots of internet marketers have now tapped into its potential.

Here are ways to earn from WordPress:
• The most common and popular way of earning from WordPress is that of blog creation and then building it up with your niche; making it rich in content; running it like a pro; and then finally, monetizing your blog with different tools and strategies online. Blogs can actually generate profit thru banner ads and text ads from Google Adsense and other popular ad networks. You earn from targeted conversions or impressions and the clicks. Internet marketing is another method to make revenue from your blogs.
• Another way to earn from WordPress is something inclined towards people who are into the creative side and has know-how with programming who can specifically design customized websites to tailor-fit client preferences and requirements. There is a huge pool of potential clients who are maybe too busy to manage their own websites or customize them or they may lack the technical knowledge to do so and would like to leave it to the experts in this particular field to tweak their site into something more fun and interactive.
Steps to Make Money Creating WordPress Themes:
• There are actual businesses which concentrate on selling customized WordPress themes or you can also order and let a particular team design for you. You need to be very adept with the changing tides especially with WordPress. You need to keep yourself updated with the site innovations in order to be competitive in the web market.
• The best strategy to do this is to create a website to create business visibility. Make sure that the team is equipped and ready to take in orders. You can pool together colleagues or friend who are experts in this arena and make partnerships with them.
• Next is to customize your own website. This landing page serves as a bird’s eye view of what they can expect with your work; so give it your best shot. The whole theme of your website should be able to speak out your business and make a remarkable impact. This will serve as a sample project for your potential clients.
• Make sample themes available on your site.
• Set the rates for your packages. You can browse or research on the package rates of your competition and then set your own. It is advisable to make different packages curtailing to every type of clientele so that they have a wide range of options to choose from.
• Make use of article marketing for your promotion needs so that you can attract clients that are looking for designers right into your site.
• It is advisable to have forums inside the site so that you will know what the clients want and they can easily interact with the design team.
This is a great business venture for someone who wants to start up a business with colleagues online. The web is always on the lookout for crafty designers for WordPress; and very few got the skill and the brilliance to it. If you got what it takes to build this business, then give it a shot and work your way towards success online!


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