Tuesday, 19 June 2012


There is a new hype on making money online; and it is in fact real and creating waves of internet marketers who want to make it big in the affiliate and marketing industry online. The common ways of selling and advertising has suddenly been amplified with the onset of modern internet ways of doing business. Combination of both traditional and modern methods will certainly double the margin of profit; and this is great news for all modern entrepreneurs as well as newbies who want to venture out into a different marketing loop.
Amazon is one of the trusted retail online shops that has also been dominating the web marketplace for quite some time. There are multiple ways to earn using Amazon. You can either promote in their comprehensive affiliate program, sell your own products and services using Amazon as a vehicle, or you can publish your own e-books and earn online. For the advertising program, you need to have your own blogs where you can create a specific niche; you can choose from the top 10 most-purchased products listed in Amazon for reference; and then advertise them using your blogs thru widgets, links and banners, and site stripe. You get 15% referral commissions for every purchase of products on your site. If you are considering selling your products and services via Amazon; you can easily upload your products or services online and when people purchase; you can ship the items or let Amazon pick up and ship them for you. You also get paid bi-monthly; funds are deposited directly to your bank.

Now, here are basic steps you can do to maximize earnings thru Amazon:
• Pick your Niche
You should choose a niche within your scope of interest or expertise. You are going to do product reviews, so this should be something that you want to talk about and have wide knowledge of. This should be something that you have real passion for because you will be tackling about this particular niche in the long haul. Be specific with your topics when you write on it.
• Learn Basic HTML
There are lots of guides online on how to do basic HTML; even if Amazon has everything set up for you; you still need to know how to do basic text formatting, putting hyperlinks and backlinks, inserting graphics or images, and other requirements. This will help your site gain more traffic.
• Decide on Your Domain
It is all about keywords; so make your domain name attractive to search engines by making it keyword-rich. You should bear in mind the targeted keywords for creating your domain name. This should pertain to your targeted niche. Make it very specific keywords.
• Register Your Domain Name
Get started by registering your domain name. There are domains online; that charge for as low as $7 annually; so this will do great for your domains. Choose one that has prolific web management tools, backup system services, as well as good customer and aftersales services.
• Get Webhosting
There are lots of cheap webhosting services online that you can avail of which runs as lows a $4 per month; and you are already entitled to unlimited domains. It pays to research well on this information and get recommendations from other people.
• Blog Software
Install blog software which enables you to easily post fresh content on your site; and to make everything organized as well. It is highly recommended to use WordPress as this is a very powerful web too and the great thing is that it is easy to download and install and free to use.
• Build Relevant Content
Build up quality content on your site. Create reviews, blog posts, and articles on your niche. You can add up blog comments. The more content there is; means more activity on your site. The more traffic conversions for you as well. So, build up relevant content and start earning with it.
• Promote!
Build up your network. Get memberships on social and business networking sites and promote yourself online. Soon enough, your efforts will pay off as you watch your earnings grow.


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