Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ways for Teenagers to Make Money

Lots of teenagers are constantly looking for various ways to make money online and offline so that they can support their social life and buy all the latest gadgets their friends are getting. Most of them usually end up working some part-time job at McDonalds or something but thanks to the Internet now there are many more ways to earn cash. Depending on your skills and what you enjoy doing, you should find quite a lot of opportunities to make money. Some teenagers make
thousands of dollars a month from their websites and blog, and I even once heard about this teenager girl that made a few million dollars from her MySpace resources website that had backgrounds and layouts.

If you are a teenager and have the ability to learn quickly and work hard, then instead of going to work at some fast food shop that will just take advantage of you, why not start your own online business? Many people under the age of 21 have become millionaires because they started early on in their life and were working hard while their friends were outside having fun. Working does eventually pay off even if it’s in the long run.
The first way teenagers can earn money is buy selling things on eBay and Craigslist. Ask your parents if they have anything lying around the house which they don’t need and if you could sell them on eBay or Craigslist. Tell your parents they’ll get a cut of the money you make and how it will help you learn good work ethic and all that.
You probably write a lot at school already, so why not use your writing skills and make money writing articles for other people. Like I’ve said a million times already, the web is driven by information which is mainly content, so if you have a knack for writing and can type quickly, then why not make a few hundred extra dollars per month from the comfort of your room. Ask any teenager and all of them will tell you they wouldn’t mind a few extra hundred $$$ every month.
If you have a camera and take awesome photos, then why not sell those photos online for money? Websites like iStockPhoto accept photos from all people and sell them and then give you a commission each time somebody buys your picture.
Love science, math, or any other subject? Well, lots of people are looking for tutors and if you prove to them that you can improve their grades, then you can be hired in no time. Unless you’ve got good grades yourself this isn’t really going to work for you.
There are many ways for teenagers to make money online as well which include freelancing, taking surveys, making websites, and a bunch of other methods. I’m not saying that every teenager out there should go ahead and quit his job in the real word to work online, but it really is an option!


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