Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How Kids can make money online ?

Here are some cool ways on how you can earn those dollars…
1. Selling pictures of your favorite animals. It can be your friend’s pets or neighbours pets. Make it sure you love taking pictures, okay. Many people love to get picture of their pets. You can get a picture in their behalf and you can ask them to pay for your service. All you need is a digital camera, a good background, a camera stand, and a software for photo editing. Start advertising yourself, start among friends and neighbours, and you’ll see.

2. Do you like repairing things? You can start up in your very own backyard! Most children in the block have bikes, and more often than not, bikes need repairing and cleaning up! Put up your own shop and start some repair services, like filling the tires with air or cleaning up the wheels and even oiling the squeaky pin joints of their bike. You can even replace the dilapidated brakes if needed!
3. Care giving. You can share and give care, by helping lots of old people in landscaping, cleaning up their gardens, housekeeping their houses, organizing things and lots of other things. Be friendly and make friends, and you will end up earning. Believe me!
4. Clean up the snow in the backyard, rake the leaves in front of the houses for your neighbours. Many people would want their yards spic and span!
5. Design by my me greeting cards! Yes, if you like making cards using your computer, or doing some scrap booking greeting card designs, and make them by hand, you will surely sell lots!


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