Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Reseller Web Hosting Tips

Reseller Web Hosting like the word itself you will be a reseller who doesn’t have his/her own server and do not run it. Your main job is to sell web hosting. In here when you resell you can charge whatever you want and then make a large amount of profits. There are steps that will be able to guide you as you start on how to be successful in reseller web hosting.
Step 1: To be able to be successful in web hosting reselling the first thing that you need to do is to choose a reliable hosting company. You need to choose a reliable hosting company because the customers come to you if they will have problems you must be able to provide assistance and support. So if you choose an unstable source or host you will not be able to support those customers and for sure you will have a lot of complaint from your customers. So be sure to have a hundred percent reliable hosting company from the start of your web hosting reselling business.

Step 2: When you have chosen the company the next thing you need to do is register for a reseller account. This account cost more than the usual hosting account but you will be able to get more resources which are allocated to your account. This may include larger disk space and bandwidth you can sell. It also provides you some tools to be able to manage the hosting that you have to sell.
Step 3: Your next step after having your own hosting account is to create your own website. You can be able to do this using free software like WordPress. But if you are new to this you can always look for a freelance web designer to this job for you. Be sure that you will offer your customers on different ways to reach you like email support or instant chat support.
Step 4: You can now start web hosting selling. If you already have a customer base you can quickly make a killing by offering them hosting. This way you can be able to provide value added service and make your customers happy.
Step 5: Once you have your customers that’s it you can make your money. Each time a customer renews the account you make money. If you provide a good service there is no way that a customer will not renew.


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