Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ways to Earn Online Income Virtually Free

It is quite easy way of creating the residual income using internet option with a website or a blog with rich content of your favorite topic followed by monetizing with use of Google Ad Sense ads and also by addition of other advertising. The affiliate links are the sources to increase the earning potential of the website. It is not meant for getting rich quick, because the search engines take their own time and follow well planned strategies to lead the visitors to the websites with rich content.
In case the objective is making the blog primarily with the objective of affecting AdSense monetizing, it is essential to make selection of the keyword highly specific to the niche selected followed by posting unique content based on which the traffic of visitors start pouring in. The search engines are indexing the content, which results in visitors reach the website to have a view of the content.

One should not make haste in running to Google for signing in the AdSense program for putting Ads on the pages until the site is few weeks old, this period is used for adding the content almost daily. Let the old content remain intact.
There can be many ways of getting content through outsourcing or spend some time in writing the content. There freelancing sites, which are helpful in getting unique content.
There some directory sites, which are having wide variety of content. These articles are changed about 60 to 90% rendering it unique. Thus the articles copies from other sources need not be written completely. It is worth noting that the duplicate content on the sites has potential of search engine punishment in not indexing them.
By keeping the site updated with new unique content on regular basis and the content has become quite adequate, now is the time for placing Ads on the blog. It is also the time to have an AdSense account from Google, if already not having. Select appropriate AdSense codes and put them on the site.
There is importance of placing Ads on the web pages. There are some web pages, which gives better response than others. The Ads color and the style are also important. There exists a logics based heat map for each site which determines the expected response. The heat map indicates how people are reading a particular web page.
It depends on the visitors reading habits some read from top to bottom, some begin their reading from left to right, whereas others are reading right to left the heat map varies for each type of visitor.
One more factor affecting the heat map is the style of the Ads and the niches they are serving. The process of experimentation gives the idea where to place the Ads for better results.
The typical problems the blogs face is the traffic to the site. There are different ways to get traffic out of which the paid options are using Google’s AdWords or Microsoft Ads for getting the traffic. Solo Ads and mailings are also considered for getting the traffic.
There are quite large numbers of free methods for getting the traffic. The most prominent is related to SEO, termed as search engine optimization carried out on site either in addition to pay options or without the pay options. The reality is that getting paid traffic results in supercharging the site with immediate results in getting focused traffic to the website. The activity of getting free traffic is not to be ignored because this is the traffic which shall continue to be there after activity of paid traffic is withdrawn. Paid traffic does not result in the page ranking.
Getting free traffic requires making posts on the forums belonging to the niche as well writing articles to be posted on other sites. Posting valuable comments on articles written on other sites ensure that the comments posted are approved and such comments posted on many sites is bound to bring traffic to the site.


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